Monday, February 23, 2009

God Is Great!

I don't know what the weather is like in your part of the world...but I sure hope it is something like ours. It is Sunny, upper 60's and the tree's are beginning to bud out. But that is not all...I feel great...sure I have a few aches and pains...but I am feeling such a positive energy. Life is clicking along for the kids...When the family is is happy! Caleb is headed to Florida very soon...and he is so excite I am afraid he is about to bust. He will be travelling with the High school band to march in the Disney Parade. Our band used to go every year...but now they go every 3 years. Stephen is doing well in College and is beginning to make new friends...he got a new job recently and it is so much better for him...he gets just enough hours to make some spending money...but he is able to focus on his studies. He is in a Japanese club...and now he and I are doing a little cooking,,,we are learning to make some Japanese dishes. Shelby is really working hard at school...she stays till 5 everyday by choice...she has Dyslexia is getting extra help for the TAC's test. It makes me so proud of shows that her maturity is growing when she knows that she could come home and watch TV or talk on her cell phone...but chooses to get help. Matthew is Matthew...he finds the joy matter where he is or who he is with...he gets on the bus every morning...and has the same smile when he gets off the bus in the afternoon. He is a GIVER of joy! My hubby is settling into his new job...a much better fit for him...he is able to be home early enough in the evening to spend time with us....and that makes me happy! I logged on the computer briefly last night and noticed that little miss Vaiyah is waking up...I know the Karg family is so happy to see those beautiful eyes looking back at them. Y'all keep praying!

I'm not for certain but I am pretty sure that it has to hurt Gods feelings when we go about our daily lives and not notice the beauty around no matter what your weather is like...even if you are struggling through hard times...take a moment and look around for the beauty....I promise it is all around you!

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