Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Home School-Getting Started

applebooks2One of my nieces is considering home schooling her children.Not in the immediate future as they are only 3yrs and 7 months old…but she is interested and certainly now is a good time to gather as much information as possible. My own four children are high school and college age now but when they were beginning school…I considered home school. I decided it was probably for the best to send them to public school. I know that home schooling requires a great deal of dedication and commitment and to be honest… I didn’t trust myself to be consistent enough. I think my niece would be a wonderful teacher…she is very smart, college educated..and she has several friends with young children who are also interested in educating their children at home. So they would each take on a different subject. That way each mom would have a break, and be able to get errands and chores done. I would love to hear from parents who are or are planning to home-school. How has it worked out for you? What sort of problems have you faced? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I love homeschooling and have been teaching Maddy for 1-5th grade. Our area has a great homeschooling community, and many of the area businesses make field trips available, and educational experience available to us!!

    There are times when "life happens" like being sick, not being able to sleep, issues with adult children and friends that can make our schedule challenging occasionally, but overall it is a very positive experience, and my relationshiop with my daughter is amazing. (the others are, too, but this one is just such a deep connection, hard to put into words) My older 3 now 20, 23, and 28 all went through public school.

    I gotta run, but you can ask me anything!! Don't know if I'll have the answer, but I'll try!!

    Hey...hope you will jump on board with We Did It! Wednesday!! I'm sure you have stuff you could share!!

    Blessings, friend,

  2. Thank you so much Becky!...Maybe I can get her to come here and talk with you about it. I think she would be a wonderful teacher..she a very good little mommy.