Friday, March 6, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday! 03/06/09

I didn't get many photo's this week. Matthew wasn't feeling well...but I am happy to report he is back to school and back to his normal silly self. I also has this strange wave of energy that allowed me to get my spring cleaning pretty much done! Tomorrow will be the big burning of papers, a cook out and outside games (weather permitting).

My favorite photo of the week would have to be:
Caleb...he left for Disney World yesterday...I shot a few pics of him as he left the house. He was so excited and um really SILLY! he misplaced two important things he needed for the trip...but we found them and got him off on time...I love him to pieces but the boy makes us TIRED! LOL He called us twice from the bus last night...he has never been away from home without his family....but he is excited and I know he will have a blast! I am thankful for the high school band teachers and band boosters...they do and have done so much for our children. I am also thankful that we are able to send them on this trip.

Next would have to be...yep...Princess Lucy! Shelby gave her a bath this week. She is always really good...but she doesn't like it. As you will see....she got through it and is back to her sweet silly self....and she smells good too! lol
After taking a picture and enlarging...we have determined that our little "Sparky" is indeed a boy..and he has another admirer....The Queen Annie
And finally...I took this picture of the moon a couple of months ago...Isn't it pretty?..Actually it is a little spooky. I got the Chick and Crow at a little country store and restaurant in Mauriceville, Texas. LOL It's the first thing I have bought for our new deck.
Well...that's it for this week...I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

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