Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lucky Boy!

Well...Caleb leaves tomorrow morning for Florida. He is going to Disney World with the high school marching band. They will be marching in the parade Saturday afternoon...I believe around 2pm. The band used to make the trip every year...but now only go every 3 years. Three years ago we sent Stephen...and this year it is Caleb's turn. My daughter will be next to go...and I will probably go as well.
Anyway...What A Lucky Kid!...he is so excited he is about to BUST!
We take great pride in this band..the kids work really hard and it shows. We are one of two Military bands in this area. They generally receive perfect scores at all competitions...and we have a lights out halftime show for homecoming...people come from all over to see it. OK...I am done with my shameless brag!...for now. LOL

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  1. Monica! That is so awesome. My oldest was in marching band and loved it!! She played the french horn.

    I was even thinking about taking Maddy and her friend to Disney on Saturday!! Oldest daughter has a friend who works there and can get us in for free! Not a bad deal, huh?

    I love it when parents shamelessly brag on their kids!! So brag on girl!!

    Hope your day has beeen a good one!!