Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beautiful Blog Background

Just wanted to give a great big thank you to Penny Duncan for making the beautiful Background that I am using for my blog. She has several available to use free of charge. Please take a moment pay Penny a visit and have a look at her work....she is quite an artist.


I would also like to give a little plug to Cat over at "Paisley Cat Scraps free blog layouts"! Cat has a great many beautiful free back grounds and also provides links to several free layout bloggers.


Thank you so much ladies!


  1. Hey Monica, Ur blog is looking Beautiful.. Penny has done an Awesome job on this one.. Very lovely.. Thanks so much for the plug..

  2. Your new background really is lovely, and I just had a friend ask me about where to find layouts for Blogger templates. Thanks so much. I'll point her to the links you provided.

  3. Monica,
    I just love this background, just beautiful. I told Becky, at holiday in the sun today that I am in for a new make over, and after seeing yours . I know now is the time to start looking,
    Enjoy yours its is so pretty.