Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting Ready For The Prom Pt I

I would say that I can't wait for the weekend so that I can just stay in bed and pull the covers over my head, but due to a sore back... that is exactly where I have spent a great deal of the week. The rest of the time...assisting my daughter in search of a formal gown for her 8th grade banquet--aka The Junior High Prom. In all honestly...I did not go to my own prom... and my daughter is a bit of a neither of us have much experience in this type of shopping. We both sort of felt a little like fish out of water.

We started at a bridal store..and at first I wasn't sure if Shelby wanted help from an employee or if she would feel more comfortable with my assistance. Shelby just turned 15, and is most comfortable in jeans, and tennis shoes. Also, she is a little shy...especially when it comes to taking her clothes off. The employees were not pushy...they just pointed us in the right direction and told us that if we needed any help just to let them know. Even though she did find a couple of dresses that she liked ...we agreed that maybe we should visit a few more stores and shop around a bit.

The next day while Shelby was in school...I stopped by a couple of formal boutique's near my home. I found 2 dresses at each store. She didn't like either dress at the first we went to the second. It was then we noticed that one of my son's best friends works there in the afternoons after school...But I'll fill you in on that story in just a bit.

Anyway...Before she could even get the dress of the employee's stuck her head around the curtain...and immediately said "NO...that dress is inappropriate for the 8th grade banquet!" Well, as a matter of fact...yes indeed it was a bit mature...but it was her size, the color she had hoped for...and we have a wonderful seamstress that could make it appropriate.

Next thing we know this woman starts bringing in dresses...and before Shelby can get one off she has her head back in the dressing room...then the sales lady just jerks the curtain open... so now she is trying on dresses in front of other customers and I could not get a word in edgewise. I Was pretty much pushed out. I could tell the lady was getting agitated with Shelby because she isn't liking any of the dresses...and Shelby is trying to explain the kind of dress that she wants, and is red in the face and sweating. The lady says "OK I am tired of playing these games with you!"

Now, instead of just telling Shelby that she doesn't have any dresses like that in her size which is between 8-10...she starts bringing all these HUGE dresses. She brought out one more dress from the back...and it is exactly what we have been looking for...but it was obviously too big. I tried to say just that and she glared at me and said "yes I know...but I think I can fix it up to fit.

My daughter is...well gifted in the chest area...but this dress was HUGE and it had this piece of lace like material between the breasts...which made it impossible to she starts criticizing Shelby...She told her that her breast were saggy and she needed a better bra to pull them up. I buy nothing but quality bra's for Shelby and for myself....and then this 50+ year old woman pulls her own shirt up and shows her bra. She is at least 300 lbs and her breasts were coming out of the top, sides and falling out the bottom...Yet she had the nerve to tell Shelby that if she weren't so fat then she wouldn't have had to bring out the big dresses. It was at that point that I shouted ENOUGH! Get dressed...we are leaving!

As she was dressing I picked up that dress and looked at the was a size 22. If that were not bad enough...the lady then said that she should burn that dress because it fits no one!

We walked out of the boutique and a couple of customers followed us out and advised that we report was so ridiculous that even the other customers noticed...just then I looked over at my baby girl..she was crying...and that is not something that I see very often. This tough tomboy young lady...who has lived with three older brothers and handled their teasing all of her life has been crushed not only by an adult...but a very large woman who should know better than to make "size" and issue. Since when did a size 8-10 become fat? It's sick! Self esteem...especially in teenage girls is very fragile...maybe not to all but I do believe it is to most.

We did find a beautiful dress at another store and is being altered.

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  1. First of all, welcome back! I am praying for your back and hope you are much better soon.

    I cannot believe the audacity of this woman!!
    You certainly maintained more composure than I think I would have. I'm so sorry Shelby had to go through that. It seems that my daughter's proms and dances always had some sort of "issues" even if it was after they got there.

    If this lady doesn't own the shop, you should contact the owner and make a complaint. In these difficult financial times she is driving business away. I'm sure she is probably difficult with everyone. So sad that she would blast Shelby instead of helping her to have a wonderful experience. Sounds like a bitter woman to me...too sad.

    I will pray also that she has a great time and that you have a blessed Mother's Day!!