Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fatty, Fatty, Fat Fat...Fat Fat

Fat woman down on the fountain isle...repeat, fat woman down on the fountain isle! That's right...I fell down at a local garden nursery yesterday. They didn't really say that of course...but that is exactly what I was thinking at the time and I wouldn't doubt it if they were thinking it too. There was water on the sidewalk from the fountains...and a little algae had built up...perfect recipe for a fall. The garden owner and one of his employee's were nearby and rushed over...I immediately said "I'm OK, I'm OK!" The last thing I wanted to do was draw even more attention or God forbid...a crowd!

I busted a blood vessel in my wrist...and my arm and shoulder are really sore today...I guess from trying to catch myself or trying to push myself up quickly. Nothing major physically...but my pride was seriously injured. I know for a fact that a few years ago I would have been able to either catch myself before going to the ground...or at the very least...get back on my feet quickly. But instead...I felt like a beached whale. My daughter was a few steps ahead and didn't noticed that I had fallen until the two men ran over. She said "gosh mom it's a good thing those men saw you fall"...and I said "why? they didn't help me up"... through her obnoxious laughter she replied ..."Yeah but if they hadn't ran over there...I might have tripped right over you and hurt myself!"...Have I ever mentioned that she is a smartaaa...UH...never mind!

The time has come for me to stop talking about it...and do something about this abundance of weight I have gained. I gave up a 25 year smoking habit on November 8th, 2006...just 6 days shy of my 40th birthday. I have to was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. While I hated smelling like a stale ashtray, the crazy high prices, and the fear of dying a slow, painful death...I loved smoking. I know this will sound odd...especially to those who have never smoked...but when I gave them up...I felt like I had lost a best friend. My cigarettes had been with me through everything. The good times, bad times, after a good meal, with coffee, while on the phone, etc. etc. Of course I gave them up while pregnant and nursing my children...but I knew they would be right there waiting for me.

In October of 2007 I had a total hysterectomy. After 6 months of constant bleeding and being confined to the house...which was terribly was time. My ovaries were covered with cysts inside and there was really no other choice but to remove them. What that meant for me was... at age 41... I was violently shoved into menopause. I was a little chubby when I quit smoking...I was chubbier when I had the hysterectomy....and today...I am at an all time chub! I can't stand feet hurt, my back hurts, and I have known for quite some time now that I need to do something about it. For a couple of months last winter I took diet pills and the B Complex shots....and my weight did not budge. But then again...I guess I could have tried a little harder. I ate less...but I didn't really change what I ate how I ate it or when.

Last week I ordered a Juicer. The Jack Llanne Power Juicer Deluxe and it is due to arrive sometime tomorrow. My brother has one and really loves it. I was a little worried when I bought it. I worried that I spent money on something I wouldn't use. But after that fall yesterday...I realized that I must do something to improve my own health. Benefits Of Juicing. About Jack Llanne My family has agreed to join me in the quest for health. I am overweight...and no one can change that but me...and I am ready to do it for good.



  1. Ive been reading for awhile, but haven't commented. I know all about missing smoking. Those cigarrettes were with me through everything - very hard to let go of them. I had my hysterectomy in February 2004. I gained 50 pounds within three weeks, and have never been able to lose it. I never went through menopause, I still have one ovary so I don't think I will. I hate sitting on the couch and having to lean back because my tummy is pressing on my legs. I started the SB diet this week - exercise next week. good luck to you!!

  2. Hey Paula,

    Thanks for reading...I am so glad you commented today! My doctor recommended the SB diet...he said it is what he put himself and his staff on. He also recommended the Vitamin B injections to keep energy up.
    I wish they has let me keep one ovary...or at least part of one. Currently I am taking estrogen...but I am going to try to get off of them as soon as possible. Without them the hot flashes are horrible! I sweat profusely and my family freezes in our icebox cold house. LOL
    What kind of exercises are you planning to do? My friend invited me to water aerobics and I think I am going to take her up on it.
    It is supposed to be easier on the jointts ...and at this point that is exactly what I need. Once I get a little weight off...I will probably do something a little more Tai-Bo

    Anyway...I am glad you stopped by and I hope you will keep me posted on your progress. Good Luck!

  3. Monica,
    your honesty really touches my heart. My mom is only 53-years-old and has struggled with being extremely overweight since she had her second child 30 years ago. She has fallen so many times and I know she's felt the exact same way you describe. I hate it for her because I know she is such a beautiful, amazing, loving woman and yet she only sees the size of her body and fears that others only see it too. I've put on quite a bit of weight the last year. I've struggled with depression and apparently I'm a stress eater, which of course means my eating habits were atrocious throughout the winter. I'm working to get things back under control, and it's so hard.

    If there's anything I can do to support you on your new quest for health, please let me know. If you need a buddy to email and gripe to, I'll be your girl. Most of all, though, I hope you know in your heart that you can do this. You can be healthy. For goodness sake, if you can give up smoking and have stayed a non smoker for this amount of time, AND you've survived the hysterectomy and accompanying changes, you can certainly take the next step to a healthy life. I wish you all the very best and hope you'll continue to write about your progress and successes. I'm sending strength and good wishes your way. You have the internal strength to make this happen, I can feel it.

  4. Thank you so much Tricia! I believe I can do it...but I am going to need all the support I can get.
    There was a few times that I actually thought about picking up the cigarettes again because I knew i would lose the pounds. But I just cannot do that to my family. They hated it and were so proud of me when I quit.
    Honestly...I can't do it to myself either...I would really be disappointed with myself.

    I am in the process of planning my diet changes. Doing computer research to learn about better nutrition.

    I got my juicer yesterday and it is awesome! I admit the fruit juices are much easier to drink...but I have been reading ways to improve the taste of the vegetable juices.

    Yesterday I bought $50 worth of Veggies and fruits and allowed the kids to go wild and juice anything they wanted. They loved it.
    Only problem was that Shelby spent the night in the bathroom. LOL

    Thank you for being such a good friend. Since I started blogging I have met so many nice people...I am so blessed. I will take you up on the offer of support!

  5. Oy, I hope you aches and pains are over soon. I'm sure that hurts. I'll hold good thoughts for you. Take things one day and one glass of juice at a time :-)

  6. Hi Joanna,

    Thank you so much for your kind support. I need all I can get. Just knowing that there are people who care and understand helps a lot.
    I hope you will visit often! :)