Monday, June 22, 2009

June Is Almost Gone

Can you believe how fast June has flown by? I don't know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods...but it is CRAzy hot here in S.E. Texas. The heat index is supposed to be somewhere around 110 today. No rain is expected in the near or distant future and the grass is burned to a crisp. Of course Murphy's Law rings true yet again "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."..our central air went out Friday night. None of us slept at all! The AC repairmen are so busy right now ...we can't get one out here until late Wednesday evening. So we ran out to the Home Depot first thing on Saturday and bought window units for our bedrooms.

Anyway...back to the month of June. We celebrated two birthdays! Caleb turned 17 on the 7th and Stephen turned 19 of the 15th. Caleb asked for a Banjo for his birthday....yes, a banjo...and we are still trying to find one. Oh we have found a few...but they were all between $500 and $1500...Um No! If anyone knows where we might find one for a reasonable price (no more than $150-$200) please let me know. Speaking Of Caleb..He cut his hair...he cut it SHORT! I took him last Friday to take his senior pictures (my gosh that doesn't even seem possible!) Well...he wanted to get his hair cut first. His hair has been to his shoulders since he was a freshman. I talked him out of it at least for the pictures...I felt it was best that he take the picture with his hair long...just in case he hated the haircut. As we previewed the pictures...I could tell by his face that he didn't like them. So Saturday he got it cut...and then this Wednesday we are going back to take the pictures again. I just want him to be happy and he was right... the haircut turned out really nice. What do you think?
Caleb's hair before and after
Also on Friday...we noticed that our little mama cat had not eaten any of her food...nor had we seen her since the night before. The kids and I went looking for her...and found that she had given birth to 6 kittens (one dead), on the ground behind some bushes. She was a nervous wreck...panting because it was so hot...and I am sure she was still in some pain. The kittens were gasping because they were so hot and dehydrated. I ran a laundry basket with a blanket and we scooped up the kittens and brought them to my back porch. We knew that wasn't going to last for long...I have two house cats of my own, a Labrador and a peek a poo. Mama kitty kept running up to the door and hissing at the animals inside. Like I said she was a nervous wreck.
Mama Kitty 2 days before Delivery
My neighbor is currently in a nursing home and no one is living at his house...well, with the exception of his son who stays there from time to time. He has screened in porch...the screen is pretty much ripped away and he just uses it as a shed. I knew that would be the perfect place for mama kitty and the I asked one of the family members if it would be OK if I put them in there until the humane society is able to take them. They are so overloaded with animals...we had to be put on a waiting neighbors were kind enough to allow it. So now mama kitten has her babies in a nice comfortable box, she can jump in and out of the room as she pleases... and all the food and water she wants. I have also put a box fan in there as well. She is a very good and attentive little mama. Actually..she is a little funny with her babies...she nurses them almost constantly...and when they drift off to sleep..she pulls them back to her with her paw and licks them till they wake up and start nursing again. Their bellies are very round!
3 days old
I am still "making healthy choices" and juicing everyday. It is getting easier each passing day. We have been walking in the evening...but a mile and a half is about all I can handle due to this heat. Even at 8pm the temp is still in the upper 90's. I am certain that I have lost weight...but I have no clue as to how much. I still refuse to weigh myself. I just think for me.... it is better that way.



  1. Hi Sweet Friend, I am having all kinds of issues with blogger and can't view your pics.
    It has kept me from posting comments, too. So frustrating.

    Glad you got to the kitties in time. The heat is brutal. Our temp here today reached 102 and it never does that!!

    Sorry to hear about your AC. We lost ours one year in August and just lived without it until we got our tax return the next spring. We actually adjusted and slept comfortably.

    When we have hurricanes and the power goes out, I sleep REALLY well without AC. Don't know why, but I do.

    Glad to hear about you juicing. I am going to start juicing again in the next day or so myself. I am getting plenty of exercise, but need more nutrition.

    Well, love an hugs to you my friend,

  2. It sounds like June has been eventful for you. I love Caleb's new hair cut. He looks so handsome.

    That mama kitty is so lucky to have you for a neighbor. Her little babies are adorable. I know there are some organizations out there that help with stray cats to have them spayed or neutered at no cost. A friend of mine recently fostered a feral female and her babies until the babies were old enough for adoption and it was a wonderful experience for her children.

    The weather here is also unbearable. It's like summer has arrived with a vengeance.

    Yeah for you and the healthy choices. I bet you're starting to feel better every day.