Monday, June 29, 2009

She Passed, I Lost, We Found

She passed! Third time is a charm. Shelby passed her TAKS test and will be moving on to high school this fall. I know she sure did not want to have to go to summer school...but the look on her face when I picked her up and she proudly announced that she had passed. Oh it was priceless! Caleb is a senior this year so Shelby is the fourth and final to go through high school. Not that I am in any hurry for them to grow just feel so good to watch them succeed.

Well, even though I refused to weigh at the beginning of my "choosing to make healthy choices" journey....but this morning I went to see my doctor for some blood work. I have lost 14 pounds since my last appointment....which was at the end of April. I know it is mostly fluid loss at this point...but I can definitely tell that I have lost weight. It is not especially noticeable in the mirror...but I can feel it in the way my clothes fit. Juicing may not be the way for everyone....but it is working very well for me. I'm sleeping well and I am energized.

Mama Kitty up and moved her babies. We are not certain why. We felt she had the perfect set enclosed room..where she was able to come and go as she pleased and two fans to keep them all cool. But after 5 days she must have felt threatened or that her babies were not safe. At first we had no idea where she had taken them...but she was coming back to the room to eat and drink. So I followed her....she had moved them in some bushes. We tried moving them back to the box because the babies were so hot and panting...but she just moved them back to the bushes. I feel she must know I am just letting her be alone with them. We check on them every now and then. They are 10 days old and today we noticed their eyes have opened. Too cute!

I'll get the camera out and take some pictures of the kitties. I had really hoped I would have more to photograph this summer. I planted so much...but it is so hot and not much is blooming due to the lack of rain....I water but it's just not the same.



  1. YAY for Shelby!! I knew she would do it!!
    AND a big huge congrats on your 14 lb loss!! Wish I could say that, gal!! I'm proud of you! I know how much it takes to lose even just a few pounds! Keep up the good work!!

    Have a terrific Tuesday!!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Oh, congratulations Shelby! The Young One starts high school in late August, as well, and is the last of our five to go through high school. My goodness, how time flies!

    And congratulations to YOU girl on the weight loss! You're my hero; I'd be happy to lose 14 ounces.

    Jan from the Sushi Bar

  3. Hi Monica your blog is great and thanks for following and commenting!!! I am following you now!!

    Love, Madison

  4. Hi Monica,
    Congratulation to Shelby , and I know the feeling of happiness when they succeed too. Also congratulations to you on your weight loss too, Wow 14 lbs, great. I have been losing too and it is wonderful to put on clothes that you could not wear before, just keep it up as we are both wanting to get healthy.

    I have not been blogging as much lately for several reasons. I have been so busy in my garden and then I had some health issues, tried to deal with them at home, but finally gave in and went to the doctor, so now I am feeling so much better. It is so great to be visiting again.

    Hoping that you and your family have a most blessed 4th of July celebration.

  5. CONGRATS SHELBY!!! You go girl!

    And 14 pounds! Wow, that's big! I hope you are really proud of yourself!

    Enjoy the 4th!