Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jingle Bell Ball

Last Saturday our youngest child, our baby girl, Shelby went on her first date. She and her very sweet beau Randall attended the Jingle Bell Ball. The JBB as we call it is hosted every December by our local high school. Much to her relief...her father was not sitting on the front porch cleaning a shot gun when her date arrived as he has always claimed he would. Since it is a fairly formal event and she only gave me 4 days notice...well, let me just say that it was a pretty busy week! Randall had no time to order a tuxedo, and Shelby had no time for hair and makeup appointments...but it all came together and they had a very nice time.


  1. Thank you. She looks like her dad.

  2. AAAWWW! I bet they had a great time! She sure is a cutie!!
    Hope your weekend is delightful gal!!
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. She looked so pretty! Daddy with a shot gun...LOL.

    Your photo display is really cool. How did you do that?

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  4. Hey Becky...thank you...she is very sweet too. :)

  5. Hey Ann..thanks!...I will definitely stop by.

  6. Your daughter and her date are beautiful together. My daughter is 13 and I know that day is coming for her too. I am soooo nervous about it. Got any advise?

  7. Thanks Allen,

    hmm advice. Do you own a shotgun? haha just kidding.

    Each teen is different but the best advice I can offer is communication and to always trust your instincts.
    Always make a point to meet the young man she is going out with, and be very clear with both of them of your rules.

    As for my daughter...she is 15 and he is 16..he can drive but until she is 16 she must be driven by a husband or I or his parents. Until she is 16 her dates are school dances or other chaperoned functions.... and perhaps a bite to eat after. But that is just our rules.

    I believe it is very normal to be nervous about your baby girl beginning to date. Don't be will know when your daughter is ready to date.

    13 is such an awkward age...Everything about her is changing...her body, her feelings.