Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My 100th Blog Post

I had something completely different in mind for my blog topic today... that is, until I looked up and noticed that the next blog would be # 100. I didn't plan a party, make a cake, buy any balloons or anything. I don't know...I am thinking that 100 blog posts really doesn't seem like much. I am not even certain if it is a big deal or not? I have read many blogs that have at least that many new blog post every month. But this blog, just about a month shy of a year is just reaching the 100th post milestone.

This is not my first blog. There was another and in my opinion...it was a disaster. I don't mean a disaster in the sense that no one ever visited or read...because it was actually somewhat the opposite. I started the blog on WordPress with very good intentions...I planned to write about a variety of topics...but soon found myself stuck on one very intense topic. The disappearance of Caylee Marie Anthony...and eventually the murder investigation. Several blogs started out as voices for justice for the beautiful little girl and many of us became friends...or so I thought. But somehow it became so ugly, so much anger, hate and rage. My blog, like so many others over there became a hostile environment. I am trying my best not to think of it as a mistake...but more of a lesson learned.

You know, looking back on it all...I am absolutely certain that I hit 100 posts pretty quick over there...but I really did not notice. I suppose it just didn't seem all that important at the time.

I started "The Greene House" here on blogger on February 1st, 2009...and it was created as an escape from the other place.... to bring me back to my own life...a place where I could just be who I am. A devoted wife of 25 years, a loving mother of four, a daughter, a sister, a loyal friend...and a forever activist for my son.

Right away I noticed that the environment here at "Blogger" was much different. I immediately felt at home. But, I guess I still had a bad taste over all the ugliness on my other blog. So last June...I felt it would be best if stepped away from blogging for a little while. Last month...I made the decision to delete the "Wordpress" blog. Even though I knew in my heart that I could never blog there again...it was still very hard to just throw away so much of my time and effort. But I very quickly realized that I had done the right thing. I feel better...more like myself.

So here I am back on "Blogger" for another try. I can't say that every blog post will be about happy times, sunshine and roses...because sometimes in life there are hardships and storms....and I am after all only human. I am here to relax, enjoy myself...to hopefully make a few new friends and most of all.... to write what is in my heart.

So here's to the next 100 blog posts!


  1. Congrats on your 100th post!
    I'm right at 98 and am planning to do my 100th post on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day!
    We'll see...

    Popping in from SITS!

    You can find me at

  2. Excellent! I will sure pop over and help you celebrate! Thank you for stopping by...I just love my SITS TA's!

  3. I missed you while you were gone, and I'm glad you've decided to come back.

    Congratulations on 100 posts! It doesn't matter how long it took you to get here - it's still an important blogging milestone!

  4. CONGRATS on youR 100TH post! and yeah everyday is not a ray of sunshine over here either,and by the way I just love your name MONICA
    stopping by from SITS