Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Done And I'm Recovering

Well, I had arthroscopic surgery yesterday. It went really well and fast! Surgery at 11:45 and I left the surgical center by 1:30. I was able to bear weight on the leg...however I spent a little too much time walking around once I got home. I was just still a little numb from the anesthesia and so I was feeling no pain. I didn't even bother taking the pain pills all day and by last night it was throbbing and pretty uncomfortable. So from now on I am staying off it as much as possible, taking the pain pills, leg elevated with ice bags. I plan to spend the next week sitting on my booty, reading the classics, blogging, and letting my family take care of me. I am so glad it's done!


  1. You will feel so much better, and it is an easy surgery! BTW...your atlantic star song was what I danced to with my last the song, hate the memories!!

  2. Oh, look at you with your sexy leg and tattoo!

    I hope you're feeling well real soon, girl! Let that family take care of you!