Friday, January 8, 2010

A Very Sweet Blog Award For Sweet Friends

What a very nice surprise. I got a blog award this week from a new friend, Alexandra, aka "Ma" over at Ma, What's For Dinner. She has some of the best recipes and meal idea's that she created in hopes of enticing her 3 boys to eat. She makes their mealtime fun and encourages her boys, Keegan, Cooper and Brady to participate in preparing their meals. My personal favorite recipe is the "So Chic Sushi Rolls" It is a be sure to check that one out and while you are watching...please notice little Brady. He LOVES just cracks me up! this award has a couple of rules. First rule I am supposed to list 10 things that make me happy. There are so many things that make me happy...but here are 10 of my favorites.

1. My Husband Randy Makes Me Happy: My love, my confidant, my best friend. He is intelligent, handsome and so funny. He is there for me always, he supports and encourages me in everything I do. Randy has made me laugh every day for the last 26 years....and I hope we have many more years to laugh together.

2. My precious children Make Me Happy: I was told that I would most likely never have children...but I was blessed with four. Each of the four are so unique, each with their own personality, talents, and gifts. I admit, occasionally the can make me mad but they always make me happy. They make me laugh easily and sometimes, even make me feel like a kid again. Each one of them bring joy to my life. I am very proud and love them so much.

3. Matthew's (my oldest son) Teachers, and Aides Make Me Happy: My oldest son suffered a brain injury during birth...which left him with moderate MR and he is pretty much non-verbal. It is scary enough for any parent to send their child off into the care of others...but placing your non verbal, mentally challenged child in the hands of others is frightening...and it requires a great deal of trust. For the most part...the non-verbal, handicapped child is at the mercy of those who care for him. Matthew has truly been blessed with wonderful educators, aides, and therapists. It is wonderful to put him on the bus each morning...and know that he is in good hands. I can go on about my day and know that he will be cared for in a loving way. I trust them completely and am very thankful to each of them.

4. My Pets Make Me Happy: I cannot even imagine my life without a pet. In fact I do not think there has ever been a time in my life when I didn't have a pet. They have always been the most loyal friends. It doesn't matter if you are in a good mood, or a bad mood. It doesn't matter if you are fat, or thin or tall or short. It doesn't matter if you are what the world calls beautiful...a pet is a friend that loves you just the way you are! Their loyalty cannot be matched.

5. My Great Niece Gianna Makes Me Happy: Who would have thought I would be charmed and smitten with a 1yr old! I thought that once my kiddo's got older that I would be spending this time doing what ever I wanted to do. I didn't think I would be spending time with a little one until again until my kids gave me grand baby's. Well, I was wrong. I spend my days with a rambunctious little girl named Gianna...she keeps me moving, busy and laughing.

6. My Friends Make Me Happy: I've learned in my that there is a wide range when it comes to friendships. Brian Chalker wrote that people come into your life for "A Reason, A Season and A Lifetime. As I grow older...I realize more and more that is true. Through the years, I have made friends who are wonderful. I enjoyed their company and they seemed to fit in my life perfectly...and then Poof, sometimes with no warning or reason, they were gone from my life as quickly as they appeared. I have had friends through the years who filled an emptiness, brought comfort during a troubled times, and sometimes even gave me a new and fresh view on life. Then something would change, or an argument would come out of the blue and Poof...gone. And then there are those precious few who have stayed throughout the years. Those jewels who put up with your moods, overlook your flaws...they wouldn't change a thing about you because they love you just the way you are...I have been blessed with all of the above.

7. My Blog Makes Me Happy: I have great respect for all who write a blog and make it all look so darn easy! It is a lot harder than I thought. When I was in school I had no trouble writing...I loved to write more than anything. Topics just popped into my head and I could sit down and write an essay in no time at all. I don't know if my mind is just not as open as it used to be...but I now have a hard time deciding what to write. The words just do not seem to flow as easily as they did in the past. Maybe I am just trying to hard? Maybe I just need to relax, take my time and try to remember that it is all about FUN...which is without a doubt the biggest reason that I wrote in the past.

8. Music Makes Me Happy: I would rather listen to music than watch anything on television. I like pretty much all types of can change my mood, help me relax, make me want to get up and dance, take me back to the past and remind me of beautiful memories.

9. My Camera Makes Me Happy: Oh another love from my past. It doesn't matter where I am or who I am with...I can find beauty ANYWHERE just by looking through the lens of my camera.

10. The Porch Swing On Deck Out Back Makes Me Happy: A glass of iced tea, good music on the radio..a nice breeze, snuggled up close to my sweetie, as we watch our children and their friends enjoying the back yard....That is all I need to relax and unwind.

So that is 10 things that make me happy. The second rule of this award is to share it with my bloggy friends.
Now...I know that some do not care for the award and tag exchange...and that is fine with me. If you would rather not put the award on your blog...I promise it won't hurt my feelings. But...I would love it if you would share 10 things that make you happy at your own blog and invite me over to read. Please pass the award along to your friends and or anyone you think deserves it. Take a moment and make someone happy today!

Passing this award to 10 of my favorite we go:

1. Becky @ Holiday In The Sun (Becky is such a kind lady...Her blogs always have a positive message)
2. Heather @ Little Wonders (I admire Heather. She is a great mother. You will fall in love with little miss Zoey)
3. Jan @ Jan's Sushi Bar (Oh my gosh Jan cracks me up...and I think she has a plan to make the whole world fat. Check out her Yummy recipes and that cute grand baby with the blue eyes and dimples!)
4. Tricia @ Shout (Tricia is a true advocate. She speaks what is in her heart. Tricia is taking a little break but hopefully she will be back real soon! )
5. Lee @ Headaches, Hot flashes and Hormones ( Lee does Video Blogs"Vlogs" Don't be fooled by that tiny frame--- she is one Spicy and Sassy Texas Gal!)
6. Kristen @ She Is Our Angel (Kristen is currently battling Cancer for the 4th time. She is a beautiful person, courageous, and a MAJOR inspiration. Stop by and say hello!)
7 Jeannie @ Jeannie's Happy World (She is truly A true Domestic Goddess! )
8. Madison @ Madcrafts ( Madison is the adorable daughter of Becky "see #1" She loves making crafts )
9. Josie @ The Poor College Students Guide To Raising A Baby (Josie definitely deserves and award...her little one is doing the potty training thing ...and she still manages to blog!)
10. Marley @ Have You Ever Been To Mars (Even though she hasn't blogged in more than 7 months AHEM...she still gets one cause she my girl!)


  1. Oh, Monica! I am flattered that you would pass along your VERY well-deserved award to me! Thank you so much - you are such a sweetie!

  2. Reading this blog get me a very awesome idea of writing a blog describing all my friends.It would be a superb dedication to all of them.
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  3. Hoping that you get your knee taken care of soon.Can't be fun.

    Thank you for your words of support during this "R" word garbage.Really sad.

  4. You deserve it, babe! Thanks for the shout out too. Brady's my fave part of that video. He's a hoot that one! He's going to be the death of me. Talk to you soon!


  5. 09smithJame,

    Thanks...I think it is nice to write a blog about anything and anyone who means a lot to you. It is also nice writing a personal's kind of like keeping a journal.
    Let me know when you write one about your friends...I would love to read it. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Thank you always have my support!

  7. Hey Alex...nah you will survive the little guy and have wonderful memories.
    Thank you again for the award...I enjoyed writing about stuff I love. There is so much bad in this is nice to focus on all that is good!