Tuesday, June 1, 2010


To my baby boy! Where in the world has the time gone? When you were a baby...everyone told us: "You better enjoy him, it goes by really fast." We sure didn't realize just how fast until we watched you receive your diploma on Saturday. When you looked over at me...I could see your precious baby face (and of something blue) as clear as a bell. You have been an absolute joy Caleb. Your dad and I could not be more proud of you. We look forward to watching you continue to grow and spread your wings.

All our love...ALWAYS,

Dad and Mom


  1. Time does go fast.It is a little piece of advice I pass on to the younger mom's now a days,since we also have the 3 big girls.. you blink and you find yourself at graduations.

    Congratulations.To all of you!

  2. How did I miss this? Congratulations to your boy!