Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Waiting for Dr. Appointment

I am pretty sure that Matthew's eardrum has ruptured, and I'm feeling pretty lousy about it. I've always been pretty good at just knowing when something is off with him. He has had what I thought was a cold for the last few days, but sadly, I had no idea his ear was bothering him. It certainly hasn't affected his appetite one bit! Taking Matthew to the doctor is not an easy task, and to be honest...my stomach is currently in knots. He is going to begin screaming at the door, he is going to scream in the waiting room, and every eye in the place will be fixed on us. He is now bigger than me and I am no longer able to distract, or restrain so that the doctor can examine him. Thank God for my wonderful Randy...he will be meeting us there to help.


  1. Hoping Matthew's doctor's visit went well.Perhaps he surprised you and was unexpectedly behaved.Any chance of that?Oh those staring eyes.We get that from time to time and I wonder often,what it will be like when she is older.Then when I begin to wonder,I wipe it from my mind as not to stress myself out.I think I'll live in la-la land a bit longer.

    Glad that Miss Z was able to bring you a bit of sunshine today.she has that effect on people sometimes.Hope your day got better.Praying it did.

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