Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Few Of Our 2010 Winter Festivities

This photograph was taken just before the boys left for their Lamar University Winter Concert performance. Could they possibly look any more thrilled? Me: You two could smile just a little! Caleb: We are smiling just a little Mom! Me: Okey Dokey...Click! I have tried staring at the photo, but I still can't make out a smile. As a matter of fact, Caleb looks a little like my brother in this photo, and for some reason I have this overwhelming urge to walk right up to him and thump his nose.

Shelby's winter concert. It is simply amazing how beautifully these kids play. They sound so professional. The photograph is not great. For some reason I just cannot seem take a good photo in that auditorium. It is because of the lighting I'm sure, and my lack of understanding of how to use it properly.
Matthew enjoying a beautiful day at Claiborne West Park. I got some pretty good shots of Matthew for Christmas. Getting him to sit down on the ground took a little time, but once he felt secure...he relaxed and smiled. I also got some pretty funny shots. He is such a clown.
And finally a couple of shots of Shelby and her date before the 2010 Jingle Bell Ball. We had such a great time shopping and getting ready for this event. This was actually Shelby's first "real" date. I mean she has had dates where we dropped her off and picked her up, but this young man picked her up, took her out and brought her home. She had a blast!


  1. You have such a lovely family!

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