Friday, December 20, 2013

THIS is what a bad girl looks like!

What a crazy morning! I had just bragged how the kitten has left the tree alone. Well, I woke up to quite a commotion. Our 4 month old kitten, Lily had a strand of Christmas lights wrapped tightly around her leg. She was struggling, and screaming. She was also biting the cord and no doubt getting shocked since the lights were on and the outlet was behind the tree. Stephen was trying his best get her out of it. Finally, I called for Shelby. I thought since Lily is her baby... she would be able to get her to calm down. She tried and tried and finally she just knew she would have to endure the biting and scratching to free Lily...and she did. Shelby's hands, fingers, and arms are a shredded bloody mess....and yet the whole time we were trying to get the bleeding to stop, and butterfly bandages on... she was wanting someone to bring Lily to her so she could comfort her. Lily endured a few cuts and scrapes as well. Everyone will recover and hopefully... she will stay away from the Christmas tree!

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