Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's For Dinner Wednesday 02/25/09

Well...yesterday we ended up just having left overs from Monday night...I had some of the smothered potatoes with scrambled eggs and made some "Grands Buttermilk Bisquits" Yum!
Tonight I am making 15 Bean Soup...I buy the "Hursts HamBeens Brand".
They make two different is a Cajun type soup...the other is ham. We like the fact...tonight there will not be a bean left in the pot. They are high in fiber and low in fat. I just cook them according 'quickcook' directions on the back. You can use a pound of ham, a hambone, hamhocks, cubed ham (which I use sometimes) or smoked sausage...which is what I am using tonight. When they are done there is a little ham flavor packet that makes it really tasty. I serve it over rice and make a pan of cornbread (usually something simple like Jiffy).


  1. Sounds wonderful, Monica...what time ya servin' it up??

    Making hubby a salad with chicken, and buying the local pizzeria's special for the Maddy and my two adult kids!!

    Have a great evening!!

  2. Well y'all come on...I'll set a few more plates out. :)