Friday, March 27, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday

I would have to say that my favorite photo of the week would have to be "The Girl Pile". They were trying to make a pyramid and this just happened. I have always believed that the unplanned makes the best photo's. If even just for a moment...these girls are in no hurry to grow up. Each of them so different and all so beautiful.
Coming in second is Matthew and the Red Balloon. It was one of the balloons from Shelbys B-day party...and he wanted it so bad. I just wish I could have cpatured the look on his face as his brother cut it down and gave it to him.
Our unexpected visitor was both scary yet quite a beautiful surprise.
And last...but certainly not least...Princess Lucy's new box. She has loved boxes since she was a kitten. It doesn't matter what size the box...she is in it. She has no idea that she has a bit of a weight to watcher her cram herself into tiny boxes is hysterical! Well, I got a package this week and this box is a perfect fit. She is in it almost all day!

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!


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  2. I sure will Rachel. Thanks for stopping by...Have a great weekend!

  3. What great photos, all of them! I'm kind of partial to "The Girl Pile" it just makes me smile again and again. They look like wonderful girls.