Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Unexpected Guest

I picked the kids up from school and when we returned home... I noticed that we had a visitor waiting by the front door. It is obviously an albino and it blended in with the brick so there is no telling how many times I walked by it. It was about 4-4 1/2 ft. long. I am so glad the kids and I found him...My husband would have certainly soiled himself.
Eventually he fell off the brick and I was able to get a few shots of those RED eyes.


  1. Oh, HELLO. I do believe your hubby and I would be in His and Hers Depends.

    Just sayin'.

    Jan from the Sushi Bar

  2. He's beautiful in a slithering kind of way, but I'd be in Depends with Jan and your husband.
    I wonder why I'm afraid of snakes, it seems so irrational but they really do give me the shivers. I'm going to show these pictures to my son though, he'll love those red eyes.

  3. Hello Monica,
    This is the coolest post, I don't think I have ever see an albino snake!! I also enjoyed your post for WDIW. please wish your daughter a belated happy birthday, Your son looks like he is enjoying his crawfish like my son-in-love does!!! Thank you for sharing. And thank you for visiting with me and your sweet comment.

  4. Oh Sue! I love how you said that..."Son In Love" that is so cute, very sweet and sounds so much better than "Son In Law".

    I have had a few e-mails and a confirmation from a friend that the snake...was most likely someone's pet that either got loose or was let go. It is an Albino Python.

    I enjoyed visiting your blog. I have not been a very good blogger lately due to my hands. It looks like it is probably Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I am waiting to see a specialist....I hope it is soon!
    Come back and visit again soon!