Friday, March 20, 2009

My poor little Joey

I knew she was losing her vision in one eye...but it seems she is very close to being completely blind. I had noticed that she was bumping into things...but I just figured all that hair over her eyes was making it difficult for her to see. I groomed her very short... but she is still bumping into things. Being out in the sun makes it worse. My mom has Joeys mother and her eyes are doing the same...except Joeys seem to be more advanced. The vet said there is not much we can do other than surgery and that is not guaranteed. I'll just have to be her 'seeing eye human'.



  1. Awwww - poor Joey! She's so cute and looks so sweet.

  2. Oh she is really sweet...and a very funny little dog...She loves to play.

  3. Oh Monica, I'm sorry about your fur baby's problem! I am so thankful though that she has a loving compassionate human to look after her needs.

    I'll pray for her. Remember, God can do anything!

    Blessings and hugs,