Thursday, March 19, 2009

Double Purple Angel Trumpet

Just had to take a little break to show you! The cold snap we had did not kill the "Double Purple Angel Trumpet" bud... It opened this morning.... Isn't it beautiful! If you are not familiar with 'Angel Trumpets' Here is a website about them. They come in many different colors and even do well in a pot on the porch. If you just go up and smell one...there is no smell...
but the evening breeze carries their soft, beautiful relaxing aroma.




  1. Oh, Monica - those are gorgeous! Do you have any idea if they will grow up here in Ohio?

    Jan from the Sushi Bar

  2. Hey Jan!

    You know...I am not sure. But I imagine you would probably have to keep it in a pot and store it in a garage or shed for the winter.
    They love mild weather...warm (not too hot) days and cool evenings. I also read that they need about half a day of sun for blooming. My friend has hers in the ground in her back yard. It dies off in the winter and comes back in the spring.
    We get the most blooms in the spring and fall...when the bus is full of flowers it literally stops traffic. I've had people come up to my door to ask. The only down side to it is that it is toxic. But I am told the taste is so bad no human or animal would take more than a taste.
    Anyway...I'll look into the zones to see how it would do in Ohio. My dad came from Cincinnati...his family still lives there.

  3. Monica - Those are beautiful! Ah, it's this time of year I wish I lived in the Southern US. :)

    Thanks for encouraging comment about pregnancy earlier this week.