Friday, April 3, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday

Thank goodness the weekend is finally here! I am tired...mostly due to the allergy medication. I think this is the worst Spring (allergy wise) I've had in a long time. It's not just me....everyone seems to be caughing and sneezing. Anyway...I am looking forward to some extra snoozing. Today's photo's are mostly of Caleb's Movie Party last weekend. They had a lot of fun running around outside playing...!!!oops!!! I mean working very hard on their very important movie! >insert eye roll here< Their movie is well...SILLY..But it is funny. We really enjoy these kids so much. I got a few of the outside critters. The Dove's are a family that were already living in our shed when we moved into this house over 2 years ago. They used to feed under the bird feeder way back in the yard...but now come right up on the deck. I just love Doves. They mate for life and the father helps raise the young. Oh and we got Sparky a new he doesn't have to eat with all the other squirrels at the big feeder. He has his own filled with sunflower seeds, peanuts and corn. We also have a mama cat that has been coming up on the deck for food. One of my neighbors says that she has kittens in their shed...she is a stray and thin so even though my hubby said "DO NOT FEED IT"...yeah right! Well...Thats it for this week...Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

P.S. I would sure appreciate it if you could include my parents in your prayers....They had to have their dog put to sleep this afternoon. He was old and very sick so they knew this was for the best...but still they are heart broken. I am really proud of them both for doing the most humane, loving act possible....and the hardest. He was a great dog...Rest in peace Bernie!


  1. Hey Friend!! Great action shots, and just love how you take care of the furries around your home!! Lucky Sparky!! Just the cutest little thing!!

    Hope you have a fun, restful weekend, sweetie!!
    Blessings and hugs!!

  2. That squirrel is the funniest critter. If his feeder is empty he comes up to the french doors and looks in as if to say "um excuse me,my bowl is empty. Just look at him...he's getting fat!

    We also have some raccoons that come late at night and eat the corn at the bigger feeder...but they are shy...I can't get out there to take a picture of them. I am going to have to sneak out the front door and around the house to get a picture of them. There is three and they are HUGE!