Monday, April 6, 2009

A Very Special Voice

Do you know someone who works their tail off for the good of others? I do! Wanda and Rick Felty are members of the Professional Photographers of America, Oklahoma Professional Photographers Association and the Metro Professional Photographers Association (Oklahoma City, OK).In addition to being great family photographers...They also worked to achieve "Special Kids Photography Accreditation" through the Special Kids Photography of America accreditation program. To better understand the service they provide please take a moment to read the News Story:One Families Business NewsOK Story

Check Out Their Awesome Photography! >

Wanda works at Children's Hospital as a Family Advocate for families who have children with disabilities. She also serves on many state advisory boards representing families and individuals with disabilities.

Wanda and I go way back...all the way back to the Junior High track team. I remember her best for her quick wit and ability to make people laugh. In fact...her whole family shares that wonderful humor. Wanda and my husband graduated two years ahead of me and sadly we lost touch. My husband finished his service in the Air Force in 1995 and we moved back home. I visited my son one day in the "Life Skills" class and imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw Wanda and learned that we shared a very special bond....Our special children.
Please stop by and support Wanda And Rick Felty & Family in their efforts to put an end to "Hate Speech" through their blog- The "R" Word Campaign blog.
"This site is an effort to help individuals and families of those with disabilities by letting them know its OKAY to speak out when you hear the “R” Word. Together we can make a difference."~Rick & Wanda Felty~
Help them spread the word!
"When You Say "Retard"...Someone Hurts!"


  1. What a well deserved tribute to your old friend, Monica. She sounds like a passionately driven hardworking woman with a very big heart!! I am always amazed at the selflessness of some people.

    I'll check it out!
    You're such a sweetie!!
    Hugs 'n love,

  2. I will definitely check this out. Thanks for pointing it out, and what a wonderful gift to have fond your friend again.

    PS: Love the Easter background.

  3. Thanks Becky...You are a sweetie too!
    Wanda's heart is Huge!

    Thanks! The photography is really a gift. As the mother of a special needs young man...I know first hand how hard it is to do some of the simplest things. Some of the pictures of my son in the school yearbook is ridiculous! I sure wish we had someone here who would take the time to ensure the best picture possible.

    "The cutest blog on the block" does have some really cute stuff. I am hoping that I can have a custom background made soon.

  4. You are too kind, Monica and thanks for helping us spread the word.

    When we started our site over two years ago, we wanted to empower people to stand up and speak out. Then Tropic Thunder came out and it took off. You would not believe some of the horrible mean comments that are left on our site. People just don't get it... it's really not about the word, but rather the attitude that produces the word.

    Thanks for helping us spread the word... YOUR WORDS MATTER.

    So graduation in one year???? Then what?