Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What More Can A Citizen Do?

are being sold right across the street from my parents home. I grew up there and back then it was a very nice, friendly, quiet neighborhood with just a few families. We all knew and trusted each other. The other kids and I rode bikes and walked the little dirt road, and played at each others homes. The nice neighbors still live there…but now the neighborhood is being taken over by… a pervert, and drug dealing trash.

My parents have been complaining about the young couple living across the street (In a FEMA trailer no less!) for quite some time. They began to notice a huge amount of traffic in and out over there. At first it was just the noise and the fact that they were blocking the driveways day and night…but soon it became very obvious what was going on over there. Hey, let me tell ya...if my mother could figure it out...then believe me...it is very obvious. Until recently she thought a "Bong" was some sort of Japanese musical instrument. Bless her cotton socks.

There is also a great deal of concern about the three year old child living over there...often playing outside alone after dark. There are many reasons a child of 3 should not play outside alone...but the biggest reason...living just two doors down in a camper trailer is a convicted (sexual assault) pedophile.

!!WEEKS!! ago, whilevisiting my parents, I counted 37 cars pull in across the street…and left within 5 minutes. In and out, in and out. I thought…you know this is ridiculous! So, I went to the Sheriff’s department to complain. If for no other reason…my 79 year old parents are scared in a home they have lived in for 49 years.

As soon as I gave the detectives the address…they informed me that they were completely aware of the drug dealing over there, and that it was being investigated. The dealing was in progress at that moment..wouldn’t that have been a good time to investigate? I understand that the law has to do things the right way…But what exactly are we waiting on?

I mentioned our concern about the small child. The detective said “oh kids like that are around it their whole life…so it is normal to them” HUH? Sadly, I am certain that is true…but I am sitting there thinking…am I the only one in this room that see’s a problem with this way of thinking?

I mentioned contacting Child Protective Services…and while the detective said “it is certainly my right to call them….it would also send a red flag to the the dealers.” HUH? So, what would that mean? They would go peddle their drugs somewhere else? Ruin the investigation?

What are we waiting for? A drug deal to go bad and someone is hurt or worse? What about the safety of the 3 year old child who lives with drug dealers and next to a child rapist? Just sit by and wait until we see the ignorant trash on the news begging for the life of their missing child? Doesn’t the child have the right to be protected? And what about my parents rights? What more can a citizen do?


  1. Wow!! What a tough situation!! This really does stink!! Of course that child has a right to be protected! It just gets a little scary to get involved. They might assume it was your Mom that called. IDK...verrry difficult. I wouldn't do a thing without praying hard first and listening very carefully for the answer.

    So sorry your Mom is in this situation. My Mom was just like yours. She lived in Miami and came home from the haridresser to find a young man running out of the back of her house with his hands in the air. What did she do, you ask? She said "Young man, can I help you?"
    He got in his car quicky and backed all the way down the road so she wouldn't be able to read his tag because....he was a robber!!

    I loved my Mom's good nature and how she always assumed the best. Fortunately God was there with her and protected her from them. And they didn't get anything!!

    I'll pray about this for you Monica. Let me know what you decide.
    Love and hugs, sweet friend,

  2. This just makes me crazy. How can the sheriff be so blase about this whole thing, and how long does it take to make a drug bust when it's so obvious. Oh Monica, this just breaks my heart when I think of that child, and it infuriates me, absolutely makes me see red that these "parents" so carelessly endanger the life and future of someone who should be honored and protected. In my humble opinion, yes call child protective services.