Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just A Thursday Afternoon Rant

I am so ready for school to let out for the summer. Once it does...I want my children to sleep til noon everyday for at least two weeks. They are edgy, grumpy and MOODY...and that is on the good days! Three of the four have been bit by the love bug...and have had their hearts broken recently.

Why oh why can't we just go back to when the boys played video games all day, and believed that "Girls are YUCK!"? Back to the easy days when all Shelby wanted to do was climb tree's, catch bugs, and cut the hair off of her Barbie dolls. Now...they tEXT,Text,text! I think it must be killing their brain cells because everytime I say something to one of them they just answer "Huh?" I want to drive over to the Neches River Bridge and toss their cell phones over the edge.

They have to wear these ID tags at school...which are made out of the thinnest, cheapest plastic available... and the school district charges $5 everytime they need a new one. Yesterday we got a letter from the and learned that Shelby owes $45 for 9 ID tags. Oh and another $10 for library late charges! I haven't received a letter for Caleb as of yet...but I shudder to think of how many ID tags he has lost in that messy bedroom.

Matthew has some sort of stomach ailment lately...he has passed so much gas...we have nicknamed him "Pumbaa". He stinks...but at least he isn't moody.
It's been a long school year...they are tired...we are all tired.

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  1. Ah, teenagers. Aren't they just WONDERFUL?

    I'm so glad we're down to the last two, and one of those is graduating next year and plans to go AWAY to college. Just four more years and The Young One will be graduating as well. He says now he's going to go AWAY to college, but with my luck he'll end up at Akron U and living at home for another four years.


  2. Your new design is beautiful and feels like summer. I hope the last few days of school go by quickly for everyone, and the summer is here for you to enjoy before you know it.

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  5. Hey Jan...yep teenagers are wonderful...I am told that eventually they turn into normal people. LOL

    Hey Tricia...Thanks for the compliment..I love the new layout too...Summer is the look I was going favorite time of the year.

    Thank you for your vote ladies! I would be honored to visit your blogs today.