Thursday, July 9, 2009

Puppy Survives Beating

At just a tender 5 months old, an adorable Labrador mix inspired not love and affection, but the kind of brutality that gives us all nightmares. "Teenagers allegedly abducted the helpless and trusting puppy from his property, took him to an abandoned home and beat him". The case is pending, and they are charged with using a sledgehammer handle, a rock and a beer bottle with the mission of causing this pup as much pain as possible. Miraculously, the puppy survived – even after suffering without medical treatment for 24 hours. He sustained skull fractures, numerous cuts, a broken leg and a terrible eye injury.

Unable to afford the puppy's medical care, the owner finally surrendered him to a local animal shelter, where the puppy was renamed "Justice."

Justice – and the shelter where he had been taken – still needed help. The puppy's ghastly injuries required medical care that went beyond what the shelter could afford on its shoestring budget. Then American Humane stepped in...with the help of donars the organization provided vital support through their Second Chance® Fund, a grant program for animal shelters that provides medical care to treat animals in need like Justice, who suffer from life threatening injuries resulting from abuse. ustice immediately received medical treatment. The veterinarian was unable to save Justice's eye, but the courageous little dog otherwise made a full recovery.

No animal deserves to be treated brutally, ever. But we are fortunate that there is a caring, dedicated grant program to help animals who are victimized by senseless acts of brutality.

Every abused and neglected animal deserves a second chance!

JusticenewlifeAlthough Justice's eye was irreparably damaged, his spirit is as strong as ever. Amazingly, he did not lose his sweet temperament following the dreadful beating he took. He is now living with a loving family that recently adopted him. Please give whatever you can to help other animals like Justice start the new lives they so justly deserve.

American Humane
The Second Chance Fund



  1. This made me cry.

  2. Oh me too Jan. I hope those teens will also be evaluated psychologically. If they would do that to a helpless puppy...just imagine what they might do to a child.