Saturday, July 11, 2009

Struggling... But Hanging In There!

The last few days I have really been struggling with my commitment to weight loss and making healthier choices. I am still juicing daily and I am controlling my portions at meal time....but my husband keeps bringing chips in the house. Granted they are baked, lower in fat and calories...but I am a Carboholic and I have a hard time making myself stop eating them once I get started. I have asked the family once again not to bring those things into the least for a little while. Last Tuesday I went to a weight loss clinic. They give a diet pill (Phentermine)...there are several different types and they rotate them. Then weekly you go in for the Vitamin B, HCG, and the fat burners Lipoden and L Carntitine injection. I've done this program before briefly and I did lose a little weight...but I wasn't committed to the lifestyle change. The only problem I am having with it so far is...something is making me really itchy! I got a fact sheet on everything that I am taking and each one says that "itching" CAN be a side effect. I hope it is a temporary thing because it sure is driving me bonkers!


  1. Hi Sweetie, Wow I have missed you!! Haven't hardly been on the computer...getting ready for my family reunion and other stuff!

    I found that when I am juicing carrots, I have no other need or cravings for sugar. What are you juicing?

    Have you tried putting up some motivational signs. That has worked for me. With what I am doing now...pretty much my own lifestyle plan, I allow myself coffee w/cream and sugar, and tortilla chips. I think we all have to have a couple of things we like incorporated into a lifestyle change so we don't feel completely deprived. It also helps to sometimes spend the extra money on a smaller bag from a convenience store, so you don't have extra laying around the house. Maybe your family could do that instead of a full-sized bag.
    Just some thoughts. I'm right there in the battle with ya, gal!! Lost 3 pounds last week!! 42 more to go!!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!! Know that I'm praying for you!!
    Love you,

  2. Hye Becky! I've missed you too! Family reunions are a lot of work...but very worth while.

    Juicing carrots is yummy! Especially juicing carrots and apples together...they work well with each other...and I agree...I have no cravings for sweets.

    The way I juice...I try to drink a mega serving for my lunch because machine is sort of a pain to have to clean repeatedly. What I juice varies a little from day to day...yesterday was Spinach, 3 carrots, Broccoli, Squash, Zucchini, an apple and an orange. I know it sounds like it would taste terrible all mixed together...but it really doesn't. After I drink it I have a major rush of energy that lasts well into the evening!

    The smaller bags of chips is a good idea! I could fill one of my cabinets with chocolate bars...and I could resist them. But fill a cabinet with Dorito's...I'd climb in the cabinet and eat every bite. Chips are my weakness!

    Way to go on the 3 pound loss! Today is my weigh in day...Gosh I hope the news is good!

  3. U know fat is the indication of richness its good why to afraid as much.
    it's just a joke according to me morning walk is the best option to reduce weight.

  4. in your photo u looks so prety

  5. I've been thinking about you and hoping the new, healthy lifestyle is going well. It's so hard to make these kinds of changes. I'm not very good at it and my husband keeps buying Doritos, which I can't stop eating once I stop.

    Hope the itching subsides soon.

  6. Hi Girl!! I MISS YOU!!! Are you doing ok?/ I know everyone has been busy this summer, but I still miss you!! Do you have my email? You can email me anytime at

    Let me hear from you! I'll check back here too!

    Love ya!!