Saturday, November 7, 2009

Long Time...No Blog

Well hello there friends! After a 4 month break....I am back with an open mind and a happy heart! I hope everyone enjoyed their summer...I sure did. Fall is here and the holidays are coming! I can't wait to visit everyone and catch up!


  1. Hi Monica!! So glad you're back!! I still haven't joined facebook, and won't, so I'm glad to be able to keep in touch again!!
    I trust all is well with you. We are fine...just busy like everyone else! Thankfully, God is good ALL the time and has done nothing but bless me and cover me with His grace!!

    Hope your Sunday is full of praise and joy!!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Hi Becky! Hey I understand your not wanting to join Facebook is not for everyone. I don't get on it as often as I did in the beginning. But I have to admit that it has been nice talking to classmates that I haven't seen or talked to since high school and family members who live in other states. Just an easy way to catch up. Maybe some of them will come by and read my blog and visit some of my favorites.
    I wish I hadn't stayed away so long...your blog as well as so many other always have such a positive message and your beautiful smile always warms my heart. I've missed you!

    Guess what! I am planning a trip to Florida this Spring to meet a friend. Maybe while I am there we could pick a place and meet for lunch or even a glass of iced tea. I'm not sure where you are in Florida but my friend lives near Daytona Beach and I know we will head toward the Orlando area at least once so... hopefully you are somewhere in between. I'd love to meet you.

    Anyway...I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!