Monday, February 1, 2010

Here We Go Again...

I am sorry that I have not written anything lately...but I am having trouble with my knee again. I am not sure if I have simply done too much too fast...or if it is due to the cold rainy weather. It is probably a little bit of both. I have been icing it since Saturday and have been taking Mobic for more than a week...but still have not managed to get the swelling down. I am going to call the doctor in the morning to see if perhaps I can get a steroid shot...or anything else that may be available.


  1. Hi Monica, I am so sorry to hear that you're having a setback...believe me I know how disheartening that can be!! My advice is just to slow down and don't do anything you're not 100 % sure you can handle easily. I went grocery shopping at WalMart yesterday, filled the cart and even 3 weeks later knew I had overdone. My Dr. said I can do anything as long as I don't start to hurt. Then if I do, stop and rest and don't do that again for awhile longer. Still tiring a little easily, but other than that am doing pretty well.

    Know that I am praying for you, and that we will both get past this little "thing" and back to normal soon!

    Too bad we're not closer we could be taking turns at each other's homes!!

    Love and hugs,

  2. Yes that would be nice to live closer and help each other out.
    You know I'm not sure I like this getting older stuff. I guess I am just used to bouncing back quickly. I have been very fortunate with my health...I guess this is just Gods way of telling us to slow down and take better care of ourselves.
    The doctor switched me from Mobic to Celebrex. Hopefully I will get better results.
    Take it easy Becky...I bet by the time Spring arrives we will both be much better.