Thursday, February 4, 2010

Temple Grandin-Different Not Less

This Saturday, February 6th, HBO will feature a Biopic film on life of Temple Grandin, a woman who has become one of the top scientists in humane livestock handling. She obtained her B.A. at Frankin Pierce College, her M.S. in Animal Science at Arizona State University, received her Ph.D in Animal Science from the University of Illinois in 1989. She teaches courses on livestock behavior and facility design at Colorado State University and consults with the livestock industry on facility design, livestock handling, and animal welfare.

Temple has authored over 400 articles in both scientific journals and livestock periodicals on animal handling, welfare, and facility design. She has also written six books...two of which have been on the best seller list in both the United States and Canada.

Right about now you may be thinking, She really sounds like a very intelligent woman...but what is it that sets her apart from all the many other intelligent human beings in this world?

I could go on and on listing the accomplishments of Temple Grandin...but let me back up to 1947.

Temple Grandin was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Her father was a real estate agent, and her mother was a writer, singer, and actress. As a toddler she spoke very little, in fact...she did not speak at all until the age of three. She did not like to be held or touched, and when provoked, was prone to raging temper tantrums. She displayed the classic symptoms and was diagnosed with Autism.

She fixated on and was stressed by spinning or rotating objects and as she matured she began having panic attacks. She fled to her aunts cattle ranch one summer and well...I'll stop here just in case you may want to watch the movie...I don't want to ruin it for you ...but I will tell you that summer is when her life took on a new direction.

"I can remember the frustration of not being able to talk. I knew what I wanted to say, but I could not get the words out, so I would just scream." ~Temple Grandin

View Dr. Temple Grandin's professional resume.

Autism affects 1 in 110 children...1 in 70 boys. Chances are...if you do not have an autistic child yourself...Someone close to you probably does or will in the near future. This is an urgent and growing public health crisis that affects most individuals across their lifespan and demands a commensurate level of action from both the public and private sectors. WE NEED ANSWERS!
AUTISM SPEAKS It's time to listen!

"You have got to keep autistic children engaged with the world. You cannot let them tune it out."
~Temple Grandin

Feb. 6th, 10:00 pm
The movie was really good...Temple Grandin is an amazing woman!


  1. I ran across your blog when I was looking for times of this movie for the area I'm in...I'm a fellow mom of a child with autism. I'm glad to find your blog.

  2. Hi K.T.

    Welcome...I would love to hear all about your angel.
    You know...we hear the numbers all the time...but I think for many it simply just goes over their head.
    1 in 110 children will have some form of Autism. 1 in 70 are boys. Think of what that will mean in 10 years.
    People spend more time arguing about what does or what does not cause Autism. I hope and pray that someone will figure out what cures it.

  3. This proves that people with autism have something to contribute to the world & shouldn't be compartmentalized & pushed off to the side as if they had nothing to share. I do know someone with autism, my son & I believe in him, even when the schools want to keep him from achieving (because it's easier & cheaper for them). Thanks for posting this & Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!