Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Greene Family Update

Well, this week we are preparing for the Caleb's prom. I went with him to get Shay's corsage. yesterday was his last practice with the youth symphony. One more month and our Caleb will be a High School graduate! I can hardly believe how fast time is moving.It seems like just yesterday we were sitting in the NICU wishing we could take him home with us. Or dancing around the living room in his "Barney WONDERware" and his blue Binky in his mouth. Sorry son...your friends most likely won't be reading this...and if they do....trust me.. I feel certain they wore Barney WONDERware too.

Gianna has not felt good. Her allergies are really flared up...and she is cutting more teeth. I remember my kids hurting when they cut their teeth...but this sweet baby has really suffered. She has been wanting me to sit and hold her...which is not like her at all. So I know she is feeling poorly. I don't mind just sitting and holding her....watching her shows, and reading books. Spring has been rough on quite a few family members.

Shelby has been staying after school to catch up and stay on top of her school work. Still struggling with the ADD and Dyslexia...but is hanging in there. She has been helping our new neighbors with their laundry. And of course...time giggling at Randall on the phone. She is showing such maturity this year and I am very proud of her. She turned 16 on the 23rd of March and just the other day mentioned driving. Her brothers immediately said NO! Lord give me strength! I don't think our Shelby is quite ready to drive yet. The truth is more like WE are not ready for Shelby to drive! Soon sweetie.

Stephen gets himself up every morning and goes to college. When he is not at school...he is at work. What precious little time he has left...he sleeps, bathes, eats and starts the day all over. He had the whole day off on Sunday and he took his brother and sister to see a movie. He still plays in the College band and just recently accepted a position to play Bassoon in a community players musical. He is thinking of possibly moving into a dorm next semester...which we are not totally against...it probably would be a good experience for him. But, Randy and I silently hope he will continue to live at home. Hey...home is free and I know he is fed and rested. I can't help it...I am still his mommy.

Life for Mr. Matthew is pretty much same ol' same ol'....just the way he likes it. A couple of times a week we try change his routine up just a little. Like by taking him to a movie, or a short walk at the park. He will oblige...but he lets us know clearly that this not what we normally do. He has this thing about getting into the chairs. The fact that it folds makes him nervous. We hold it down for him, he screams as his sits....and then we are fine. Lately he has been going through his chatty phase. Don't get me wrong...he is always pretty verbal....but it is a language that is all his own. Most of the time we can figure out what he is trying to say....Sometimes he says something as clear as a bell....but sometimes we still struggle to understand.

Work is finally slowing down for Randy. Tax season is always quite hectic. But with the warmer weather and the extra daylight we are out in the evening piddling around the yard. Randy has so many things he wants to do outside. Currently he is planning to build a new shop and a green house for me. I mostly want a place to put my plants in case next winter is like this last one. The crazy freezes we had killed quite a bit of our pretty stuff. I am not sure why but it seems everyone has a yard FULL off weeds this year. So he spent half the evening spraying them...and the other half throwing the tennis ball for a certain Labrador.

As for Monica....My photography class was pushed to the end of May...which is no doubt for the best...but I am so ready to get started. I am still keeping Gianna everyday. We spend almost every morning outside playing in the yard. She plays in the butterfly garden and has no clue that she is helping me develop the art of photography. She also has no clue how much joy she brings to my life. I am doing very well. Like everyone else, I have ups and downs, But, I have remained faithful to the promise that I made to myself. Ridding my heart of burdens, letting go of hurts of the past...and focusing only on what and those who bring joy. Though I admit, sometimes that is easier said than done.... I have learned that when I focus on the gifts in my life, I see blessings everywhere.

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