Friday, February 6, 2009

A Little About Matthew of Gods most precious gifts "special angel"... was born September 25th, 1988. The birth was traumatic and he had been deprived of oxygen for over 5 hours during the labor process. He was born limp, blue and had to be resuscitated.... the reason why a C-section was not performed can be explained in two words..."Negligence" and "Arrogance". But... that is a story for another time. Where do I start?...Well first of all it is impossible to believe that he is 20 years of age! No one every believes it. Mostly because he is one of those people who always look younger than they actually are...and because developmentally he is somewhere between 3-5yrs....but in some ways he acts very much as a teenager. He cannot talk...but in the last few years he has had an explosion in language development. Out of the blue he will blurt out a perfect sentence...but for the most part he sort of speaks his own language. He knows exactly what he is trying to say. He also understand and follows directions pretty well. For the longest time he called me mommy and my husband momma...He now calls my husband Haggy ha ha...I don't know...but I love hearing him say it. He attends public high school and is full time student in the Life Skills class. Because of how his birthday falls...he will be able to attend until he is 22. He has a wonderful sense of humor...he will make silly faces, do goofy dances to make you laugh. He likes to "mess" or as we call it "jack with us" doing things like turning the TV off during the best part of of movie...or turn the light off in the bathroom while you are in the shower or my kids favorite (not!) he will turn off a video game while they are playing...he will then run off and laugh. He likes to think he is annoying you so we'll say: "OK, that's it now I'm gonna get you" which he knows we won't but it makes him laugh. He loves to eat...especially bread, and some of his favorite things to do is watching Sponge Bob Square Pants, and listening to his radio. He is affectionate and innocent. Matthew is pretty much the center of our world.

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