Friday, February 6, 2009

A Little About Stephen

Stephen...was born June 15th, 1990... just about a month early. I dilated from 2-10 in 36 minutes and he literally bruised his face all up trying to get out. When he was 7 months old he just decided he was finished with breastfeeding. Very soon as he could walk he was fixing his own cereal in the morning, working the TV, and VCR, and he was into everything! Very much a daddy's boy....he would be in his daddy's arms telling me to "Go Away!". When he was about 2 years old I couldn't find his favorite video (Dumbo..which he called Jumbo) so...when I went outside to shovel the snow off the sidewalk and he locked me out of the house. I stood at the window for a half hour asking him to let me in the which he replied "No, your not nice". About the only time he would actually sit with me was when I would read him a book. We read a lot of books! At 3 he was reading simple books, road signs, was writing his name, and could to 100. He has a sort of wisdom about Matthew that other kids his age did not...while most kids just stared at Matt...Stephen would do things to help him. For instance...I would put them in the tub for a bath...and Stephen would soap up the rag and wash Matthew. If he wanted up on the couch...Stephen would be behind him trying to push him up there. It really was amazing to watch. He loved matchbox cars and would pull the couch cushion off and would sit there playing. He got his first video game system at age 3 and still plays to this day. I put him in a 3 year old pre-school...By that time I had my hands full with Matthew and our third child and I just couldn't keep him busy enough. From that time until second grade Stephen stayed in trouble at school...and one teacher even suggested he be put in Special Ed....So we took him and had him tested and learned something very interesting. His IQ was off the charts...he was identified as Gifted and Talented and put in GT classes...not another problem with his behavior. I never had to tell him to do his homework because it was done long before he even got home. He began playing the Bassoon and the Tenor Sax with the school band in Jr. High and continued all through High School. He took AP classes, was inducted into the National Honor Society, Who's Who among American Students,. Last May Stephen graduated Magna Cum Laude with 36 college hours last May. He is currently attending college and is studying Actuary Science.

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