Monday, March 9, 2009

Bragging On My Honey

Recently I watched a dear friend go through a painful boyfriend/dating relationship ordeal and I tell ya. I am so glad I am not out in the world of dating. I am not sure I would survive. I met Randy when I was only 16 and just 11 months later we were married. Most everyone laughed when we married because they didn't believe we would make it. I must the beginning that did irritate me but now that I am older--much older I do understand. The odds were not good. Looking back especially now just how lucky I am....25 years ago I got a good one. So just for today I am going to brag a bit about Randy... the love of my life. Believe me when I say he is deserving of praise.Randy is a gentleman first and foremost....he treats everyone with respect...I think a lot of that comes from his military training.He is a Gulf War Veteran and he served in the Air Force with great pride. When his service time was up he was granted his honorable discharge. Randy has always been a hard working man. I have watched him work and put up with things that many others would not put up with..things I can't imagine that I would put up with....But...he does it for his wife and his children. That is what a man does. When things don't go right for him...he doesn't complain or blame , or simply quit and say that the world is "kicking him down"..He just gets back up and tries again. Randy is always there for me...he is there when things are good...and he is there when things are bad. He doesn't expect perfection from me Thank God because if he had...he would have been very disappointed with me. He has never tried to dominate me or control my thoughts and actions. When I want to try something new...he encourages me.He has never talked down to me or called me names...and he certainly has never lifted his hand to hit me...because he knows that anyone who does is not a man. Randy is a wonderful father. He knows there is much more to being a father than just coaching and helping his children with sports. I love the fact that his teenage boys are not afraid to hug him...because he has always hugged them. But it is much more than that... he has been a wonderful role model. Children learn by what they see...If a father doesn't work, blames others for his own faults, calls their mother horrible names...and shows no respect for his elders or peers....well then there is a good chance that his children will grow up and do the same. But When children see their father go to work everyday, love and respect their mother, and treat others with respect...they learn to work hard, treat women with respect and love and to treat others as they wish to be treated. So as you see...Randy is a man in every sense of the word. And there is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God above for the love and respect I have received....he makes it very easy to return that love and respect. As I mentioned in the beginning...I sadly watched a dear friend of mine go through a terrible ordeal. She does not deserve to be treated that way...She offered her heart to a man and he abused it.My prayer for her and for all women is: That if you are looking for will not settle for anything less than true love, respect....a man who will honor and cherish you. I still believe in the good of mankind...yes there is much bad in this world...but my dear friend....never stop believing in the good in people or true love because it is out there!

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