Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday!

I Feel Great! No more sore throat...and my knee is improving more and more each day! I had a wonderful weekend with my husband and children. Everyone pitched in and we got the housework done in no time at all...and we even got both dogs bathed.

My adorable Cockatiel Pete is not only enjoying a squeaky clean cage...but new toys! His mate died suddenly last month...and he has been..actually..we all have been quite saddened by the loss of Ollie. We were worried for awhile that his grieving heart might take him away too. It does my heart good to see him over there dancing on his perch..and tossing his little ball around.

Oh digitty dog she made his day! When he see's someone turn on the hose...he goes crazy with excitement. Before she gives him a bath...they always play. He runs, leaps and barks at the stream of water. Sometimes she will put the hose up in the tree and he just plays all by himself. Unfortunately I missed playtime...but I did manage to get a few shots of his bath. He's not really very fond of that part...but he sure feels great after! He needed a bath so badly...I am glad it warmed up enough that we could bath him outside. He has a beautiful thick, shiny coat, but sheds worse than any dog I have ever had. The brush she is using is awesome! It is a Kong Zoom Groom and it can be used to scrub as well as everyday brushing. Very easy to clean and gets the loose hair off. It must feel really good because he relaxes and falls asleep while we are grooming him.

Since my family has taken such good care of me and I had not personally cooked in more than a week...I thought it would be nice to make something yummy for them. But it would have to be something easy. So, I had some leftover chicken in the refrigerator...and I remembered a recipe my friend Jan-Jan's Sushi Bar had shared right after Thanksgiving. Enchilada Casserole--A seriously simple and delicious way to use up leftover turkey...or in this case...chicken. As you can see even the finicky one's ate two plates! I also took advantage of Jan's Pimento Cheese recipe...which made my man very happy.

I thought my little dumplin would be back today. She stayed with her Great Granny (my mother) all last week while I recovered. But for some reason she is running a high her mommy/my Niece is taking the day off and they will pay a visit to the pediatrician later this afternoon. Other than fever she has a bit of a stuffy nose...but no other symptoms so far. We know she isn't feeling good though because rather than being her active, busy self...she wants her mommy to hold her...and that is just not like our girl.
Hopefully the doctor will get her started on some antibiotics...and she will be back here tomorrow....and if by chance she still just wants to be held...I can think of nothing else I would rather do.

The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day here in Southeast,Texas. What ever your day looks like...I sure hope you are making the most of it.


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better! I personally would never wash my dog...she also is a shedder and in fact, is starting it up again and needs to go and get furminated!!

  2. WOOHOO!! Sounds like you are on a roll gal!! So good to hear that you're in good spirits!! Just don't overdo!! I did a couple of times and paid the price!!! Still have pain when I'm on my feet too long but coming along just fine!!

    Happy Monday right back atcha, and I hope the rest of your week is grand!!

    Sure appreciate your friendship, Monica! You're a treasure!
    Love ya,

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you're feeling better! And how about that pimento cheese? Isn't it to die for?

    Thanks for the linky love, dear!

  4. Oh my gosh it was so good! Randy always buys the store bought stuff and has it as a sandwich..and it's OK...but making it fresh is delicious!