Thursday, January 21, 2010

Surgery Follow Up Appointment...

It has already been a week since the today I went back to have the stitches removed. Whoever filled out the appointment card wrote today's date @ 4:45...however the appointment is not until Monday. Fortunately, the nurse went ahead and removed the the trip wasn't a total bust. I am so glad she did because they were really beginning to itch! I have to wear the tape strips for another week. The knee is still a little swollen...but otherwise it looks pretty good. It amazes me how surgeons can do so much now with tiny incisions. Any surgery used to be an ordeal...and that was not really all that long ago.

I am to return on Monday so that the doctor can go over the Arthroscope pictures, what he did during surgery and discuss anything else that needs to be done. I am still having quite a bit of pain...but it is not the same kind of pain. I only have one real concern and that is the fact that my knee will lock up and feel like it is going to give way just out of the blue when walking. Hopefully that is just a temporary problem due to something like scar tissue or perhaps even a little scar tissue.

I am also nursing a sore throat...well it is not actually my seems to be more of a bronchial issue as I feel like I need to cough...but don't dare because it hurts. It also hurts when I swallow. It started hurting shortly after surgery and sort of feels like there is a scratch or a cut or something. I am assuming that it was caused by the breathing tube I had during the procedure. I have had surgery before and a breathing tube and I do recall having some soreness after...but I am not so sure it should still be bothering me. The nurse explained that if it continues I will have to contact the anesthesiologist....figures!

Other than those minor issues... I feel all in all I am healing very well. It also felt good to get out of the house. I was getting a bit stir crazy so hubby took me out for Cajun food. The weather has been very beautiful and I have every intention of spending time outside tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Gal!! I had a hard time with my throat, too! I found that if I drank a lot of fluids and had some occasional honey it would help. Plus, I tried to not talk. Talking always made it hurt again even just 2 days ago, and my surgery was two weeks ago!! They must have just rammed that tube in, huh??

    Cajun food, YUM!!! I made some artichoke bruschetta, one of our fave things, and it was delish!!

    I'm going to go and try to create something!! Then it's off to bed!

    Praying that you continue to heal up Monica!!
    Love and hugs,